Recruitment is one of the most exciting parts of the fraternity experience.  While it can be nerve racking for the gentlemen going through the process, it is important to know that you will find your fit with an organization.  At the KY Eta chapter of Phi Delta Theta, we value the WKU fraternity recruitment process because it allows us to bring in new energy and passion each semester that will propel us to new heights and successes.

The WKU Fraternity recruitment process varies for the fall and spring semester. During each semester, gentlemen have the option of going through either formal or informal recruitment.  The formal process requires one to register with the university student activity office and attend rotation nights, an open visit night, and a preference night.  On the rotation nights, potential new members are divided into groups and then escorted to each of the fraternity houses by a Rho Alpha.  On open house night, PNM’s are allowed to go back to any house that they are interested in.  On preference night, PNM’s must be invited back by the fraternity and also must have selected them on their own as one of several houses they want to see one last time.  The informal process does not require registration with the university student activity office.  The informal process is only encouraged for those men that now exactly what fraternity they want to join and are 100% sure that is where they wish to join.

At the Phi Delta Theta KY Eta chapter, we are dedicated to dynamic recruitment.  This means that we are constantly looking for gentlemen who have met our three cardinal principles: friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude.  We recruit gentlemen based on their ability to adhere to each of these three values and a commitment to growing as a man.

If you have any questions about recruitment, please contact us directly, or contact one of our recruitment chairman, Collin Coolbaugh or Sam Barnett.  Their emails can be found on the page entitled, “Executive Board”.