The KY Eta Chapter at WKU was founded on May 6th, 1966, and was recently rechartered on January 24th, 2015. Each of our members is involved in at least one other campus or community organization; many of whom hold leadership positions. Each semester, we collectively complete 1,500+ hours of community service, and raise money and awareness for ALS, our national philanthropy. Since rechartering at WKU, we have consistently achieved one of the top three highest fraternity GPAs, and have maintained well above the WKU all-male average.

There are several scholarship opportunities available through Phi Delta Theta International, one of which is the Jimbo DeVries Scholarship. Each year we host “The Jimbo DeVries Golf Scramble” in honor of our late brother. The scholarship is then given out to three recipients. One-third goes to a Meade County High School graduate, one-third goes to a WKU football player, and the other third goes to the best pledge of the Fall semester.

Our Chapter is among one of the most affordable chapters on WKU’s campus, and offers affordable housing options to members of our fraternity. The house is located on 330 Alumni Ave. It has sixteen individual bedrooms, two study rooms, two living rooms, an awards room, and a Chapel Room.

At the end of each year, our chapter holds an award ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of our chapter members. Awards include: Outstanding New Member, Most Spirited Phi, Outstanding Member of each Class, and the Eternal Phi Award. The Eternal Phi Award is given to a graduating senior.

During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, the WKU Phi Delt Chapter received the Clark Jackson Award for most money raised for the Iron Phi program, totaling over $17,000!

During WKU Greek Week 2017, Phi Delt brought home the Reed Morgan Fraternal Excellence award as well as winning first place overall fraternity.

The WKU Phi Delt chapter strives to be very involved on campus, and to be a positive leading force in the community as well as in the classroom.

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