“Joining Phi Delta Theta has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my collegiate career. This incredible organization and the guys I call brothers have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to become the greatest version of myself. I have learned pivotal life skills and built friendships that will last a lifetime.” 

– Jordan Tackett, Bond 824

“When I pledged I was just a boy. Phi Delt helped me become a man. I learned How to organize and lead. I learned how to dress and speak professionally. I made great friends who I now consider family. I love Phi Delta Theta and will be forever grateful for the experience.”

Gabriel Fancher, Bond 493 

“Phi Delta Theta has been the greatest experience of my collegiate career. I have been able to grow as an individual through the exposure to new ideas from a diverse group of men, foster lifelong friendships, and excel both academically and socially. I would encourage each incoming freshman to look at becoming a part of this great brotherhood by becoming a brother in the Bond.” 

– Matthew Bunnell, Bond 718

“Where the man you are meets the man you will become; some may view this as a result of college but I see this specifically as a result of Phi Delta Theta. Because of this fraternity, I have established a sense of professionalism that will shift into my post-graduation job as a Phi Delta Theta Consultant.”

– Gavin Knies, Bond 740



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